<Odoru. Akita>Opening Reception

Event date
2016/ 6/3(Fri)18:30〜
Event place
Akita-city Castle Hotel (Hoko No Ma)
Executive Chairperson Yutaka Takadoh, vice-Executive Chairperson and dander Program director Izumi Kawamura, Festival director Santa Yamakawa, Akaji Maro(Chairperson Dairakudakan, dander, actor)、Noboru Ishii(Chairperson of Ishii Baku Kikenbuyoudan, dancer, choreographer)、Joyce Herring(Rioult Dance NY Associate Artistic Director)、Miki Orihara(Principal of Martha Graham dance company)、senri Oe(Musician)Chul-jin YI(Korean Classical dancer )、Jae-duk KIM(Chairperson of Modern Table, dancer, choreographer, musician) Governor of Akita prefecture、Akita city Mayor、Takao Norikoshi(Dance critic, Writer)

<Odoru. Akita>Grand opening performance,Live Senri Oe

Event date
2016/ 6/3(Fri)
Event time
Open 21:00  Curtain 21:30
Event place
Jazz Live House “The Catwalk” ▶ http://www.jazzcatwalk.net/
Admission fee and etc
5,000yen(The day 5,500yen)※Drink not included

■ Special Invited Performance 1
“From Korean classical dance to Modern dance”

Event date
Event time
Open 18:00  Curtain 18:30
Event place
Akita-city culture hall (Small hall)
Admission fee and etc
Adult 2,500yen(The day 2,800yen) Student free
Chul-jin YI Solo dance
Chul-jin YI

He studied under Aeju Lee who had important intangible cultural property of Korea No.27.
He has performed in England, Australia, U.S.A., France, Belgium, Costa Rica, and Japan as a invited performer. Visiting Scholar of Universidad Nacional Costa Rica.


Important intangible cultural property of Korea No.27 Seungmu is one of a great Buddhism dance in Korea. His Seungmu is daring and stirring and wild.

【Salpuri】This is another masterpiece as same as Seungmu in Korea. Dancing to Sinawi with white cloth.
“Movements in silence and silence in movements” is exquisitely expressed, beauty of accomplished life is revealed. (Salpuri means to expel evil spirits)

Reconstitution : Chul-jin YI
Dance Contemporary Joon-mo
Joon-mo LEE

Professor at the Division of Arts, Jeonbuk National University
Artistic director of the Dance Contemporary Joon-mo


'Dabi in traditional Buddhism means the cremation of the body.'
During the cremation smoke and ashes are released that enter the sky and become part of the clouds. As the clouds rain down on the earth the ashes return to the soil and become part of living things again, thus completing the circle of reincarnation, called SAMSARA. This dance work is based on the philosophy of Dabi. showing that you become completely free when your karma dissipates into the soil, water, fire, and wind.


Choreography: Joon-mo LEE
Dancers: Joon-mo LEE, Taehyen CHOI, Jeonghong CHOE
Art Director: Jaehee CHOI
Light Designer: Wonhyuk CHOI

Jeong-ho NAM and KNUA Choreography Troop
Jeong-ho NAM

Professor at the Korea National University of Arts, School Of Dance
Artistic director of the KNUA Choreography Troop

<Pallae ・Womanhood Story>Synopsis

Pallae transformed one of Korea's traditions of combining physical labor and play in to a contemporary work. Woman, who gather around the well in the middle of summer night, enjoy the act of waiting itself without, waiting for anything in particular.They wash and dry their clothes and dismiss their boredom. These woman are getting absorbed into playing themselves with nothing but the laundry bucket, through mimicking their childhood, competing with each other and eventually turning themselves into their fate. In the dawn they finnish their promenade and return to their daily lives.


Choreography: Jeong-ho NAM
Dancers: Jungsoo KIM, Junghyun SOHN, Dawoon IM, Eunjeong SHIN, Yeji YI
Music: Sung-Sun PARK
Costume design: Jinkuk HAN, Hyunju NOH
Sound: Youngmin SON
Prop: Munwhan PARK

■ Special Invited Performance 2
“Front line Korean contemporary dance”

Event date
Event time
Open 18:00  Curtain 18:30
Event place
Akita-city culture hall (Big hall)
Admission fee and etc
Adult 2,500yen(The day 2,800yen) Student free

◆Korea/ Modern Table performance

Jae-duk KIM

Chairperson of Modern Table, dancer, choreographer, musician,Associate Choreographer (Overseas Executive Choreographer) of T.H.E Dance Company in Singapore
M.F.A. in Dance Performance, School of Dance at Korea National University of Arts,Ph.D. Candidate in Dance, School of Arts at Sungkyunkwan University

Modern Table

Modern Table, led by choreographer KIM Jae-duk, is a young and up-and-coming performance company that aims to communicate with audience through interdisciplinary performances and projects. The company mainly performs contemporary dance and at the same time, stage musical, Pan-sori, rock and hip-hop performances that transgress borders between genres. It has gathered much attention from the public and critics altogether for its unconventional ideas and experimental projects that break down the barrier between audience and stage, and between art forms. Through their performances, mass pop culture is reinterpreted with academic techniques at a fast pace. The company’s unique characteristics also come from endeavors that try to give contemporary forms to traditional Korean themes.

Its major works include <Darkness PoomBa>, <Joker’s Blues>, <Simchung Guyz>, <Awake>,<Clocker>,<Kick>,<Sinawi>,<Sinawi-Sanjo>,<Smile>,<Sok-do(Velocity)>,<Smart Illumination> and <Meditation>.

<Darkness Poomba>Synopsis

<Darkness Poomba> is re-interpreted into modern-dance from Korea’s traditional material of “Poomba” from the melody known as a changed subject from its origin. The people's deep down emotions of anger, sorrow and grief, as they were scorned and looked at with contempt is expressed with sigh and dark sounds.
The fear to be defeated in the darkness is continuously shown by the dancers as they dance and sing, as movement is similar to “Dionysus".
<Darkness Poomba> possesses a unique Asian characteristic with live sounds and male dancers dancing in dynamic curves. Without any stage set required the piece is structured with 70% of dance and 30% of music and performance sequence is progressed with live instruments with guitar, bass, drums and Korean traditional vocal “pansori” in harmony. In the middle of the performance, the barrier with the performers and audience is nowhere to be found as the dancers come down to the audience seats communicating with the audiences with movement and sound. <Darkness Poomba> is not only performed on stage. The dancers use the performance area as a whole for audiences to openly communicate as well, making every audience feel like a performer as well.


Choreography/Music/Singer: Jae duk KIM
Drum: Seong eun HEO
Guitar: Tae il LEE
Bass Guitar: Dooyoung SUNWOO
Korean traditional singer: Seungjoon JEONG
Light: Janghan LEE
Dancers: Jae duk KIM, Jungin LEE, Pilseung LEE, Jeongsik CHOI, Laehyuk KIM, Taejun HAN, Jiho JANG
Producer: Eunji JUN

■ Special Invited Performance 3
“Mother of American Modern dance”

Event date
Event time
Open 18:00  Curtain 18:30
Event place
Akita-city culture hall (Small hall)
Admission fee and etc
Adult 2,500yen(The day 2,800yen) Student free

◆America/ Miki Orihara solo performance & RIOULT Dance NY

折原 美樹
Miki Orihara

The Martha Graham Dance Company Principal
Bessie Awards 2010/ Performer

Senri Oe

Jazz pianist.
He came out as a singer-songwriter in 1983, released 45 singles and 18 albums by 2007. He bases in NY now


Minuta perversaused by special arrangement with Fernando Palacios
Presented by arrangement with Martha Graham Resources, a division of the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance.

Choreography and Costumes by Martha Graham
Original Music by Imre Weisshaus
Music for reconstruction by Fernando Palacios
Arranged by Aaron Sherber
Reconstructed 1994 by Diane Gray & Janet Eilber
Lighting for reconstruction by Paul Ziemer
Premiere: November 20, 1932, Guild Theatre, New York City

Performed by Miki Orihara
With Ayaka Miyazaki (Flute)

A solo well described by its title: irreverent, funny, and the joke is on Martha herself.
Minuta perversaused by special arrangement with Fernando Palacios
Presented by arrangement with Martha Graham Resources, a division of the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance.

(Five Evocations of Isadora Duncan)

Choreography by José Limón
Music by Frédéric Chopin
Reconstruction & Direction by Carla Maxwell, Nina Watt, Ryoko Kudo
Costumes by Charles D. Tomlinson
Lighting by Clifton Taylor

Performed by Miki Orihara
With Mihoko Kondo (Piano)

Premiere: December 10, 1971, Cleveland Museum of Arts, Cleveland, Ohio
by the José Limón Dance Company

* ©1996, José Limón Dance Foundation, Inc. This performance of Maenad from Dances for Isadora, a Limónsm Dance, is presented by arrangement with The José Limón Dance Foundation, Inc. and has been produced in accordance with the Limón Stylesm and Limón Techniquesm service standards established by The José Limón Dance Foundation, Inc. (All rights reserved)
Special thanks to Carla Maxwell, Nina Watt and Ryoko Kudo for their generous support and time in coaching me for this work.

●Nocturne (1978)
Choreography by Martha Clarke
Music by Felix Mendelssohn*
CD recording of Walter Gieseking*
Costume by Russ Vogler after Kitty Daly

Performed by Miki Orihara

* Mendelssohn Songs Without Words/Grieg Lyric Pieces Op. 38 No. 6 In A-Flat

Choreography by Miki Orihara
Music by Mica Nozawa and Janis Ian
Costume by Mitsuno Yoko
Costume Supervised by Karen Young
Lighting by Clifton Taylor
Video by Tobin Del Cuore
Set by Paul Zimmer

Performed by Miki Orihara

“I Hear You Sing Again” is written by Woody Guthrie & Janis Ian, and published by Woody Guthrie Publishing and Rude Girl Pub.

Used by generous permission of Janis Ian

●Memory Current

Choreography by Adam Barruch
Music by Senri Oe
Costume by Karen Young
Lighting by Clifton Taylor

Performed by Miki Orihara
With Senri Oe (Piano)

RIOULT Dance New York
Pascal Rioult

Pascal Rioult Dance Theatre Artistic Director, Choreographer


【City】In City, set to J.S. Bach’s “Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord #6 in G major,” the animation starts with the realistic image of a city that progressively deconstructs and distorts as the human drama unfolds on stage. Upon the premiere of City Robert Johnson from The Star Ledger comments on the “nervous movement quality and…abrupt, streetwise habits that bleed over into private moments when [the dancers] find themselves alone in boxes of light, or when they latch onto one another.”

Choreography: Pascal Rioult
Music: J. S. Bach, “Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 6 in G major”
Projection Design:  Brian Clifford Beasley
Lighting: David Finley
Costumes: Karen Young
Dancers: Catherine Cooch, Brian Flynn, Charis Haines, Michael Spencer Phillips

【Wien】Wien turns the Viennese waltz’s revered image of grace, clarity, and social refinement inside out, using it as a metaphor to expose the decadence and moral disintegration of a society. Six dancers create the illusion of an entire city, moving continuously in a large, clockwise path, alternating in their portrayal of victims violently swept to humiliation, imprisonment, and death, to aristocrats aloof and detached from the horrific reality. “Wien” (Vienna) is the original title of Maurice Ravel’s musical score.

Choreography: Pascal Rioult
Music: Maurice Ravel, “La Valse”
Lighting:  David Finley    
Costumes:  Russ Vogler
Dancers: Catherine Cooch, Brian Flynn, Charis Haines, Jere Hunt, Michael Spencer Phillips, Sara Elizabeth Seger

■ Special Invited Performance 4
“From butoh to world’s BUTOH”

Event date
Event time
Open 13:00  Curtain 13:30
Event place
Akita-city culture hall (Big hall)
Admission fee and etc
Adult 2,500yen(The day 2,800yen) Student free

◆Japan/Dairakudakan performance

Akaji Maro
Born in Nara Prefecture in 1943, Akaji Maro joined Juro Kara’s Situation Theater in 1965, where his work as a chimerical performer embodying Kara’s “Theory of the Privileged Body” had a great influence on 1960’s-70’s theater. Alongside his career as an actor, he started training under Butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata in 1966. In 1972, he founded Dairakudakan, pioneering a new type of Butoh dance as large-scale spectacle. Naming the style tempu-tenshiki, he has toured all over Japan, as well as France and America in 1982. In addition to a Butoh artist, Maro is also an accomplished actor and director working across a wide range of the performing arts. He is the winner of numerous dance and other awards.


Founded in 1972, Dairakudakan is led by Akaji Maro, practicing a unique style of Butoh he calls tempu-tenshiki (Iiterally, “natural gift style”: being born into the world is a great talent in its own right). It collects what Maro terms miburi-teburi, forgotten yet elementary human movements and behavior, and reconfigures them as dance. The company’s work has been staged worldwide, appearing first on the international scene in 1982 with performances in France and America, and has had a strong influence on Butoh. The company also places a high emphasis on training young dancers. Based on Maro’s concept of ichinin-ippa, the idea that each individual should be able to express and create their own movement vocabularies, the company established the Kochuten studio in Kichijoji, west Tokyo, for younger members to make and tour their own work as a separate ensemble. The company also runs public workshops and an annual summer intensive program in Hakuba, a village in Nagano Prefecture.

<Space Insect>Synopsis

For over seven million years, since your birth,
We have kept on trying to establish contact with you,
But until this day, you were not able to understand our signals.
And this, despite your having the capacity to do so.
Finally, we have decided to abandon you.
We have already started communicating with other organisms on Earth.
They excel in the understanding of our signals, in their execution.
From now on, your existence will be of no concern to us.
You’re in danger!

Akaji Maro

Space Insect is one of the company's most alluring and popular recent works, premiered at Setagaya Public Theatre in 2014 and subsequently staged in Paris and Vancouver. This Maro-esque fantasy, a grand physical spectacle featuring 22 members of the company, traverses between motifs of humanity and inset as it sounds a warning to contemporary society. In the unbridled music of the two extremes of Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills and shakuhachi player and composer keisuke Doi, we can sense the company’s haphazard appetite that has continued for over 40 years. Dairakudakan, whose boundless strength has carried Japanese Butoh so far, once again utterly overwhelms.


Choreography & Direction: Akaji Maro
Music: keisuke doi, Jeff Mills
Dancers: Akaji Maro, Takuya Muramatsu, Ikkou Tamura, Atsushi Matsuda, Tomoshi Shioya, Daiichirou Yuyama, Kouhei Wakaba, Naoya Oda, Konan Amoku, Yoshihiro Kin, Masaya Miyamoto, Kenta Sakazume, Keita Arai, Emiko Agatsuma, Akiko Takakuwa, Naomi Muku, Azusa Fujimoto, Jongye Yang, Oran Itou, Yuna Saimon, Aya Okamoto, Mai Taniguchi

■ Local dance performance 1
“Akita Dance CollectionⅠ”(Guest:Taiwan/ Lee Tsia Oe's)

Event date
Event time
Open 15:00 Curtain 15:30
Event place
Akita-city culture hall (Big hall)
Admission fee and etc
Adult 1,800 yen(The day 2,000yen) Student free

[Part 1 Local dance class performance]

1.Izumi Kawamura Dance troupe 「Canon」
Ito Ayumi, Kimura Hikari, Watanabe Yu, Yanata Himiko, Narumi Haruka, Tamoto Fuka, Kimoto Mariko

2. Ayuko Tanahashi Ballet School「One on us, time passes」
Chiba Chie, Zeniya Mao, Horibe Momoko, Sasaki Hiroka, Suzuki Maite, Hirakawa Akie, Harata Ayu, Okura Nayu, Sasaki Mako, Yamauchi Satomi, Hosoda Juria, Ono Komachi, Ito Satsuki, Ishizaki Ami

3. Izumi Kawamura Dance troupe / Mana Kawamura「Polka」
Miyazawa Nana, Naba Otowa, Otsuka Kaho, Yamamura Arisu, Sakurai Nao, Naba Aosa, Tagawa Chihiro

4.Dance Odyssey Ballet academy「Moon×Light」
Ishii Satomi, Mizushima Kaori, Sato Yuki, Sasaki Kano, Akino Sara, Iida Sakura, Abe Mio, Abe Kano, Ishii Rui, Kai Jun, Osawa Kaoru

5.Izumi Kawamura Dance troupe 「Raise」
Kawamura Mana, Ito Ayumi, Kagaya Aoi, Kishino Nao

6. Nobuko Okumura Ballet Laboratory「A night of Saruyama, to the ground…」
Hashimoto Chiharu, Kurihara Yumiko, Matsuzawa Mika, Komuro Ayako, Lee Akiko, Horii Akiko, Watanabe Yoshiko, Sato Chiharu, Kiyota Mizue, Shida Ayako, Shida Miyako, Horino Yurie, Kikkawa Yurika, Komatsu Emiko, Hayasaka Yuka, Okabe Ririka

7.Dance Company Kaleidoscope「Nameless」
Tayasu Chisato, Nakamura Machiko, Nishizawa Mitsuharu, Futami Kazuyuki

[Part 2 Lee Tsia Oe's /Izumi Kawamura New performance]

2部	李 彩娥舞団/川村 泉新作公演
李 彩娥
Lee Tsia Oe

She is a leading person of Modern dance in Taiwan and he is human national treasure in Taiwan as well. She has given his performance at home and overseas as a dancer.

Izumi Kawamura

Chairperson Izumi kawamura Dance Company. 1986 Contemporary Dance Assosiation of Japan/new dancer.

She Studied under Pina Bausch in West Germany as a trainee under the overseas study program of Agency for Cultural Affairs in 1987. 1989 Gendaibuyou Festival New Face Award, Tokyo Shinbun Zenkoku concour shidousya taisyou(Leaders award). She studied in NY as a trainee under the overseas study program of Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2001.

1.Lee Tsia Oe's「Soul of the Terracotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty」
Tsai-o LEE/Lih-ling YEH/Hsin-yi LIN/Yun-cren WANG/Chuan HE/Mei-li CHEN/Li-ting TSENG/Yu-mei LU/Tzu-yi LU/Meng-ju LIAO/Jo-han HUNG

2. 「Cloudy with occasionally Waliz」Izumi Kawamura new work. Produced by Odoru Akita
Kaori Kagaya, Kazuyuki Futami, Kasumi Adachi, Masahiro Yanagimoto, Mana Kawamura, Mitsutake Kasai, Aoi Kagaya, Minoru Harata, Nao Kishino, Hiroaki Kumagai

■ Local dance performance 2
“Akita Dance CollectionⅡ”

Creating a new world of dance by traveling across all the genre such as ballet, modern, jazz, and hip-hop and also by the fusion of Japanese music and modern art. This is a start of such an exciting and exhilarating challenges.

The Akita Dance Collection “To the New World” will see the cokkaboration of the young dancers and artists in Akita,produced by the first Baku Ishii / Tatsumi Hijikata Memorial International Dance Festival “Odoru Akita”.

Event date
Event time
Open 18:00  Curtain 18:30
Event place
Akita-city culture hall (Small hall)
Admission fee and etc
Adult 1,000 yen Student free

◆Performance by young dancers in Akita

Kasumi Adachi

She established ampersand&in 2005, bases in Tohoku area. Internal trainee of Agency for Cultural Affairs. Trainee under the overseas study program of Agency for Cultural Affairs (NY). She joined Japan and Overseas tour organized by Trisha Brown school, Yoshiko Chuma and The School of Hard Knocks, DAGHDHA DANCE COMPANY as a dacer.

Mana Kawamura

Kawamura Dance Company. Studied at Folkwang University of the Arts in Germany.
Studied at Merce Cunningham Dance School as a trainee under the overseas study program of Agency for Cultural Affairs in NY in 2006. She stated her activity as Kawamura the 3rd in NY. Returned to Japan in 2014.

Choreography: Kasumi Adachi
Cast: Kasumi Adachi (Contemporary dance), MEGUMI(Hip-hop)

Choreography: Sachiko Ito
Cast: Sachiko Ito, Satomi Ishii(Classical ballet)、Sotaro Ito(Pop dance)
Stage designer:TORINOS Production

『Brain Travel』
Choreography: Ayumi Ito, Himiko Yanata
Cast: Ayumi Ito(Modern dance), Himiko Yanata(Classical ballet)

『Paper Company』
Choreography: Aoi Kagaya
Cast: Aoi Kagaya(Contemporary dance), Hitoshi Goto(Contemporary Art)

『Prayer, and…』
Choreography: Yukari Kambara
Cast:Yukari Kambara(Modern dance), Touon - Tomohisa Takahashi(Nagauta shamisen)

『Small World』
Choreography: Mana Kawamura
Cast: Mana Kawamura, Aoi Kagaya, Nao Kishino(Contemporary dance)、Yoshitaka(UK Jazz Dance)

『Sultry night』
Choreography: Yu Watanabe
Cast: Yu Watanabe, Asako Tanaka(Modern dance), Asako Tanaka, Ayaka Abukawa, Akari Hatakeyama, Nao Hotsuki(Contemporary Art)

Choreography: Minoru Harata
Cast: Borderless(Mayumi Yamaguchi・Theater Dance, Sawako Kataya・Classical ballet)

『Pulse ~changes of the seasons~』
Choreography: Sawako Takahashi, Rei Fujita(Choreograph Assistant)
Cast: Sawako Takahashi(Jazz dance),Shintaro Iwaya(Japanese drum), Rei Fujita, Misa Narita, Miki Kashiwaya, Haruna Taguchi, Natsume Ogawa, Rio Miura(Jazz dance)

■Outreach Performances

[Mitane cho]

Event date
Event time
Open 13:30 Curtain 14:00
Event place
Mitane cho Furusato Culture Museum(Baku Ishii Memorial Hall)
Ayuko Tanahashi Ballet School/Noboru Ishii(Baku Ishii Memorial creation Dance Company)
Admission fee and etc

[Daisen City]

Event date
Event time
[Natsu matsuri Oomagari] event 11:00~ , Perfoemance 12:00~
Event place
Oomagari Hikario special stage(Oomagari Station)
S.T.Rays/Tsuta Ballet Laboratory/Mayuko Yonezawa

■ Collaborative performance with Hijikata Tatsumi Akita Dance Experience

“flowers and birds”

Yoshito Oono(Butoh performance), Takashi Morishita(lecture)
Event date
Event time
Open 13:30 Curtain 14:00
Event place
Akita Sakigake Hall
Admission fee and etc
1,500 yen
NPO Hijikata Tatsumi Akita Dance Experience

■ Exhibition

<Butoh Poster Exhibition>

The performance posters such as Tatsumi Hijikata, Kazuo Ohno and Dairakudakan deserve as excellent art-work that put Japanese vanguard art on the world. This is the must-see poster exhibition that you can see them created by Tadanori Yokoo and Nobuyoshi Araki from 1960s to present.

Event date
2016/10/29(Sat)〜11/ 6(Sun)
Event time
10:00~18:30 (Last day 16:30)
Event place
Akita-city culture hall ( B1 exhibition hall)
Poster Hari's Company
Admission fee and etc