Photo: Junichi Matsuda

Attracting the white-hot attention nationwide! The super deluxe edition is coming to Akita.

Date and time5:00 PM and 7:00 PM, Saturday, September 8, 2018
Venue5:00 PM at Akita City Omachi Event Square
7:00 PM at Akita City Area Nakaichichi, Nakaichi Square
AdmissionFree (tips are welcome!)
Choreographer/DirectorEmiko Agatsuma
Performed byAtsushi Matsuda, Tomoshi Shioya, Akiko Takakuwa, Azusa Fujimoto, Oran Ito, Manami Furuta

Special tie-up: The 7th "Akita-Bar Street"

Performance History of Dairakudakan in Akita Prefecture
Danced at the opening ceremony of Akita World Games
Performed the Gold Powder Show at the “KAMIKOANI Project Akita” in Kamikoani Village, Akita Prefecture
Performed the Gold Powder Show at “29th National Culture Festa, Akita 2014” pre-event
Performed “Ash Man” at the “Buyo/Butoh Dance Festival”, held as a part of the “29th National Culture Festa, Akita 2014”
Performed “Crazy Orae” at “Odoru Akita” vol. 1
Performed the Gold Powder Show at the “KAMIKOANI Project Akita” in Kamikoani Village, Akita Prefecture
Performed “Space Insect” at “Odoru Akita” vol. 2
Profile of Emiko Agatsuma

Born in Miyagi Prefecture

Joined Dairakudakan. Studied under Akaji Maro
Choreographed/directed “Tentai-no-Zoo”
Choreographed/directed “Bon noh Kakeru”
Choreographed/directed “Song of the Flesh”. Won the 46th Rookie of the Year Award from the Butoh Dance Critic Association
Performed “Song of the Flesh” in Paris
Choreographed/directed “Dancing PLANETS”
Served as the instructor at the Butoh Dance Workshop sponsored by Shinehouse Theater, Taiwan. Being active even outside of Dairakudakan, Agatsuma has participated in “Gegege no Ge” (written/directed by Eri Watanabe) of Gekidan Sanjyumaru and “Soft Kagura” (directed by Kunio Sugihara) as the choreographer. Also performed for theatrical dramas, movies and TV shows including the “Windy Cloister” (written/directed by Eri Watanabe) and “Knights in the God-less Kingdom” (directed by Mansai Nomura), she is one of the leading female butoh dancers to receive a wide array of offers. She is the choreographer/director of the Gold Powder Show performed at the “KAMIKOANI Project Akita” (in 2013 and 2015) in Kamikoani Village, Akita Prefecture.